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Warfighter Modern PMC, Core Game

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Dan Verssen Games
Dan Verssen Games

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Run your own MERC company! Select your company goal! Bid on Contracts! Resolve the encounters using the Warfighter system!

You begin by creating your Company. This includes hiring your starting employees, deciding on a company goal (victory condition), as well as your company’s starting assets and liabilities. Your employees’ level-up as they complete contracts. They progress from Squad Soldiers, to Non-Player Soldier, to finally Player Soldiers.

If you want to be able to use Military-grade hardware, you need to purchase the proper Licenses. These purchases come out of your starting budget, or, you can purchase them during the campaign. However, until you have the proper Licenses, your employees are limited to Civilian weapons.

Your headquarters in in your home counter, and your compound is in Iraq. You have to pay monthly Rent on all of these facilities, so you’ll probably start with just the basics. As you complete contracts, you’ll be able to afford facility upgrades to improve your company.

Contracts are what it’s all about. You’ll bid on them against opposing PMC’s. IF you successfully complete a contract, you get paid, and you make Iraq a better place. Fail, and your Company Reputation goes down, and Iraq loses stability.

Hersteller Dan Verssen Games

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