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Kunden aus Übersee

Welcome Page for our Friends from America and Other Overseas Countries.

Most of UGG's overseas customers are from the USA; they get special attention in this article.


All prices on the UGG web page include a European national sales tax, called VAT (value added tax). In most cases it's a 19% surcharge. In the USA (and in most non-European countries) prices are stated without tax, and then the sales tax is added at the time of purchase. But these taxes are state or city taxes. For example, if you live in California and buy a GMT Games game, you pay the price of the game plus the California state sales tax. If you live in Illinois you do not pay that state tax. In Europe the sales taxes are federal taxes. By law, they are automatically included in the prices listed. All Europeans have to pay them. If you do not live in Europe and buy a game from UGG, you do not pay that VAT sales tax. That means you will receive an additional "discount". A game listed on the UGG web page for 100 euro actually costs only 86.21 Euro. (86.21 Euro + 19% = 102,59 Euro). The equation is: listed price divided by 1.19.


As explained above, the UGG online store includes the VAT tax in the prices. No need to worry. The online store is just an SSL secured way to transmit your data, including credit card details, to UGG. (The online store never shares your credit card information with anyone!) When your order reaches UGG, we will see that you don't live in Europe. You will not be charged the VAT tax, though your receipt from the online store (sent by confirmation e-mail) does not show this.


Shipping prices within and from Europe are relatively expensive. That is especially true when comparing to shipping prices within and from America. Why? The shipping prices are a function of the fuel price. One gallon of fuel costs about $ 6 here in Europe. Our standard shipper is UPS. You can track the status of your delivery on the UPS web page with your tracking number. To obtain that service, don't forget to provide your e-mail address to UGG. (If you insist, less qualified shippers like the post can be used.) In any case UGG does not make a single euro profit on shipping! We just charge you what the shipping companies charge us. That is our actual cost. For our customers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico there is a shipping option via our US office. The games go by mass freight to GMT, and GMT ships the games to you. That way saves a lot of money, so shipping one game to a customer in the USA costs only 12 Euro. For each additional game there will be only 3 Euro more. Shipping by UPS means it's quick and reliable. Just to compare: shipping a single game directly to you in the USA would cost 53 euro by UPS or 20,90 euro surface. Surface shipping usually means loooong delivery times and transport boxes often arrive in poor condition. See our shipping prices

The Euro (€)

Most of you are used to paying in your own national currency. For technical reasons, the only currency UGG can charge is the euro. The euro-to-dollar exchange rate varied in 2004 between 1€ = $1.20 and 1€ = $1.25. Right now (October 8, 2004) the rate is 1 € = $1.23.

P500 Orders

UGG does not charge a P500 order before a game reaches its P500 goal. Before that time a P500 order is no risk for you, and can be cancelled any time. If the game you ordered fails to reach its P500 goal, you will not be charged for it. Once a game reaches its P500 mark, all of its P500 orders become binding, and cannot be cancelled. More Details About P500 To ease your pain of calculating, UGG has added a price including shipping via our US office, for each UGG game. That may differ from the price the online shop calculates, for the reasons mentioned above.

USA Office GMT Games

Our service office for the USA, Canada, and Mexico is GMT Games LLC. If you feel uncomfortable with the Euro you can place your order directly with them. Please note: You help UGG and your favorite UGG P500 games the most if you place your orders directly with UGG. You can purchase UGG games, including P500 games, from GMT for a price in US dollars. See the GMT Games web page.

Item Retail Price
In Stock
Ashes of Empire $13,00
EOA Series
Morsecode..._ 2nd edition $35,00
Cold Days in Hell $69,00
Triumph & Fall of the Desert Fox $13,00
Blitzkrieg General 2nd ed. $47,00
Pasaran $35,00
The Hellgame $78,00
Hell-Dice 6-Pac $9,00
Assyrian Wars $66,00
Command&Strategy sinlge isuue $20
Upcoming games or P 500
Maori- Cannibals at War $47,00
 Panzer Commander Africa  $47,00
History of the Roman Empire $47,00
Extra Evil The Hellgame Expansion $12,00

You still can use the opportunity to get them cheaper now. All prices above are + shipping and handling from GMT to you. P 500 price in $ still to follow.


However, there are NO CUSTOMS on games from Europe entering the USA. Therefore, when you order games from UGG, there are no extra customs in the USA. There is a customs border between Canada and the USA. Most other non-European countries put customs on games from Europe as well. Customs rates and procedures differ for each country. Alterantively you could order them from GMT for their $ prices: The handling of these orders is according to the business conditions of GMT Games

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