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Victory 2nd Edition

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Columbia Games
Columbia Games

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The classic World War 2 sandbox game updated and with improved mechanics and more unit types. Victory is a fast-paced strategy game of World War 2 combat using the popular Columbia Block System where each unit is facing the player, but not the opponent! 

This "fog-of-war" aspect allows for feints, bluffs, and outright surprises not found in many other wargames!

Victory is a combined arms wargame where you command a variable force of army, navy, and air units all with different strengths and abilities.

Columbia Games has now released the elite units within the main boxed set itself! This gives the base game even more depth with torpedo bombers, engineers, supply units and more!

And now, even more new units can added with stretch goals from this Kickstarter with new arrivals such as transports, cavalry, engineers, and Atom Bombs!

Victory comes with 4 tactically rich geomorphic maps. These maps will combine to create numerous battles from small skirmishes to entire wars!

Up to six extra armies can be added for multiplayer gameplay or to set up neutral forces in special battle scenarios.

For young adults and grizzled gamers alike, Victory is easy to learn and challenging to master. So storm the beach now and let loose the blocks of war and achieve...your Victory!

Hersteller Columbia Games

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