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Enemies of Rome

Artikel 290 VON 984
Worthington Publishing
Worthington Publishing

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THE GAME:  It is 300 BC. Since being founded as a Republic in 509 BC Rome has grown in power and influence. Now it is your time…
You and up to 4 other players are one of Rome’s great leaders. Take control of legions and lead them across the known world for the next 600 years as you deal with uprisings, rebellions, political intrigue, and wars. Players can make alliances with one another (and true to Rome, break those alliances!) maneuver their forces and the enemies of Rome, all as they try to become the one true Caesar! All others are fed to the lions and their legacies lost to history…

Large hard mounted game board
125 wooden cubes in 5 colors (25 for each legion player)
100 green wooden cubes (enemies of Rome)
Counter sheet
5 red roman battle dice
5 green enemies of Rome battle dice
55 card deck

Each player takes a turn in the sequence:

  1. Place new units: Receive three legions from their stockpile and place.
  2. Draw Card: Draw one new card from the draw deck. (Skip this phase on turn 1)
  3. Intrigue Phase: You may spend one intrigue talent if you have one.
  4. Play card: Play one of the two cards in your hand for movement and/or battle. It is placed face down in the discard pile.
  5. Add glory: Add glory points and receive intrigue talents if earned.There are four types of movement:
    Legion Land movement
    Legion Naval movement
    Enemy of Rome Land movement
    Enemies of Rome Naval movementA battle occurs whenever two opposing cubes occupy the same area.Victory!
    The player ending the game with the most glory points is Caesar. In the event of a tie between two or more players, the player with the most Legions on the board wins. All other players are fed to the lions in the Coliseum!

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