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C3I 29

Artikel 214 VON 1293
GMT Games
GMT Games

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C3i 29 comes with several changes. First of all the Magazine is now released by RBM Studio directly. UGG continues to sell it under the label GMT for traditional reasons.
Furthermore the magazine has an increased Price due to increase production costs of RBM Studio. :
We quote from the press release of RBM studio to the shops:

The standard MSRP has increased to $40 USD, reflecting recent changes to the magazine’s contents.
For this upcoming Issue #29, we will include a standalone solo-game called “Plan Orange,” designed by award-winning game designer Mark Herman. We anticipate including such offerings regularly in the future, so we expect a greater appeal for the entire package.


Table of Contents

Waterloo Bicentenray, 1815 - 2015
COIN Series Complexity - Bigger is Not Always Better
Empire of the Sun - The reason I game is because...
C3i Interview - Game Designer Brian Train
The Travellers of Catalan - Barcelona, Spain
C3i Player - Game Profile of Gian Carlo Ceccoli
Clio's Corner #6: Multiplayer design in Churchill
Triumph & Tragedy: Two Decades of Evolution
Tom Shaw: Confessions of an 84 year old Teenager - Book Review
Labyrinth: The Awakening - From Game Player to Game Designer
Second Hajj - Labyrinth: The Awakening 2010-?
Mr. Madisons War - The Game as History
Jours de Gloire Series & Bicentinary Tour of Waterloo 2015
Los Angeles Game Box Production - No Retreat!: Italian Front
Hoplite Battle Module - Sparta's Persian Expedition
C3i Nr 29 Counter Index & Waterloo Errata & Pascal Da Silva Biography
C3i Player - Gamer Profile of Hans Korting

Inserts C3i Nr29

Countersheet, C3i Magazine Nr 29 - Index of this issue's die-cut counters
Plan Orange: Pacific War, 1932-35 - Complete RBM Studio Game
Rulebook, Game Mapsheet, Strategy Cards and die-cut Counters
Davout in Command - Waterloo 1815 Scenario - 1 Card
Wing Leader Scenarios - Cry Havoc & Supercharge 1 Card
Hoplite Scenarios - Battles of Meander & Sardis - 1 Card
Plan Orange - Player's Notes

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