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Combat Commander Battle Pack 7: Tournament

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GMT Games
GMT Games

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Combat Commander: Tournament Battle Pack – Leader of Men is the seventh themed collection of scenarios for use with the Combat Commander series of games. The growing and continued popularity of the Combat CommanderSeries has increasingly found its inclusion in game conventions around the globe.  In many instances these conventions pit the players in a tournament setting.  Invariably the question arises of how to implement and run such a tournament.  In an effort to formalize these endeavors the CC: Tournament Battle Pack was created to provide a core set of tested scenarios and rules for use in the running of a Combat Commander Tournament. 

CC Tournament Battle Pack–Leader of Men features twelve scenarios (ten previously available online and two new) printed on cardstock, two new maps, four page tournament guidelines booklet, and tournament record card template printed on cardstock.

Each scenario is designed specifically for tournament play with situations and scenario special rules crafted to test a player’s skill and Combat Commander knowledge.  The twelve scenarios cover actions from 1939 to 1944 with each of the combatants in the Combat Commander Series represented in at least one scenario.  The Tournament Guidelines Booklet contains the preferred rules the designer uses to implement and run tournaments at the World Boardgaming Championships and the PrezCon Game Convention.  These guidelines are an out of the box solution for any potential tournament host but are also easily adapted to suit any style of tournament play.


The scenarios included in CC Tournament Battle Pack–Leader of Men are:

  • “Hill 133”, German vs Russian, 1943, Map 24; 
  • “Blitzkreig Unleashed”, German vs Polish, September 1939, Map 12; 
  • “A Midnight Clear”, German vs US, December 1944, Map 3;
  • “The Bridge Too Far”, German vs British, September 1944, Map 17;
  • “On the Road to Victory”, British vs Italian, July 1943, Map 10;
  • “One Steppe Beyond”, German vs Russian, March 1943, Map 8; 
  • “Signals in the Snow”, Finnish vs Russian, November 1939, Map 20;
  • “Codes in the Sunrise”, German vs British, June 1940, Map 4;
  • “Operation Mercury”, German vs British, May 1941;
  • “Barbarossa Unleashed”, German vs Russian, June 1941;
  • “Red Sector A”, German vs US, 1944, New Map;
  • “La Villa Strangiato”, US vs Italian, 1944. New Map;


NOTE: CC Tournament Battle Pack–Leader of Men is not a complete game and requires ownership of Combat Commander: Europe and Combat Commander: Mediterranean to play.

Designed and Developed by Bryan Collars

Hersteller GMT Games

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