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Crusader Kingdoms

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Worthington Publishing
Worthington Publishing

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Crusader Kingdoms is a game for 1-4 players set in the era of the Crusades, where each player controls one of Outremer’s main Christian or Muslim kingdoms, with the goal of expanding it through intrigue and conquest.

Designed by Jesús Peralta, there are four different games between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Crusades. The game allows cooperative, competitive, and solitaire game play. 

With easy to understand rules, you'll be up and playing within 20 minutes of opening the box.  No two games will play the same since certain cards that appear change from game to game.  With multiple Crusades and Saladin's campaign, the game has immense replayability.

Using Cards

Comprised of two decks, one Muslim and another Christian. They can be of three types:

  •  Events: Have an explanatory text that describes its operation.
  •  Troops: Marked with a number that indicates their strength.
  •  Response: Depending on the text of the card, it can be played during the player’s round or during the round of other players; and can be used alone or in combination with other cards of any kind.

Game Maps

There are two maps included in the game. Both maps are divided into regions that have a number inside a shield to indicates its Region Defensive Value.

  • The Saladin and the 2nd Crusade board is used for the 3-4 player games.
  • The 1st and 3rd Crusades board is used for both the Solitaire and 2-Player cooperative versions of the game against a Muslim BOT player.

Game Turns

The game is divided into 3 turns, with multiple player actions. Each turn has the following sequence:

  1. Each player draws an appropriate number of cards belonging to the player.
  2. Players can make one game action during their portion of the turn.
  3. The players perform actions consecutively until everyone has passed.

Available Game Actions

  •  Attack: The player selects a border region and announces the attack.
  •  Incursion: The player selects an opponent with whom he has a border and makes an incursion.
  •  Play an event: The player shows the card and proceeds according to its text.
  •  Discard: The player voluntarily discards one of his cards.
  •  Pass: The player announces that he will not do any of the previous actions.

Winning the Competitive Game
The game can end in two ways:

  1. By sudden victory, whenever a player has placed all his available castles in regions on the map, he wins immediately.
  2. At the end of the third turn, the player with the most castles in regions on the map wins. In case of a tie, the one (or ones) with the highest Card Bonus marker.

SOLO and Two players CO-OP Game
In the solitary version, the player controls the forces of the 1st Crusade, who try to make their way to Jerusalem. The 2 players’ cooperative version is set in the 3rd Crusade.

Muslim BOT Game Rounds
Muslims alternate rounds of play with the crusaders as if they were a player. Each round, they reveal the first card from the hand they drew that turn.

Winning the SOLO and CO-OP Game
At the end of the last turn, the Crusaders win victory points for based on regions they control:

  •  15 or more Victory Points – Victory: The Crusade has been a success whose achievements will try to emulate others in the years to come.
  •  11 to 14 Victory Points – Marginal Victory: The position of the kingdoms of Outremer is not very strong, and their future is uncertain.
  •  10 or fewer Victory Points – Defeat: You will be soon swept away from the Holy Land, and your Crusade will probably be the last.


  •  1 - Game box with beautiful Crusader art
  •  1 - Double-sided hard mounted game board (one side for the 1st and 3rd Crusade, one side for the 2nd and Saladin)
  •  50+ wooden castle pieces in 4 colors
  •  50+ wooden printed garrison pieces in 4 colors
  •  1 - deck of Muslim cards with period artwork 
  •  1 - deck of Crusader cards with period artwork
  •  2 - Rule Books (duplicate)
  • 5 - Custom Dice
Publisher Worthington Publishing

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