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Triad Limited Edition

WBS Games
WBS Games

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Triad is an abstract strategy game for two people that uses dice, but does not need luck to win.

Triad is a dice game, that is no mare game of chance: the only time you roll the dice is before you start the game. Dice are pawns to be moved around the board, looking to create winning combinations.
Triad is a game you cannot win by yourself, but in which only one player wins: the winning combinations require the presence of at least one die of the opponent.
Triad is a game you can only win if you are prepared to lose: creating winning combinations means capturing your own dice, instead of the opponent's.

On your turn, you must select one of your dice, change its value and move it an exact number of spaces equal to the new value.

The objective of the game is to be the first player to create three Triads, lines of three dice (at least one of which must belong to your opponent) with either all the same or all different values.

Creating a Triad means removing one of your own dice from the game, so the closer you are to winning, the fewer dice you have at your disposal.

Hersteller WBS Games

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