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Cold Days DTP KIT

Udo Grebe Gamedesign
Udo Grebe Gamedesign

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The regular edition of Cold Days in Hell is sold out. There are several request  for a second edition of this game but not enough to print a regular edition. So UGG offers a DTP Kit for those who own the other Empires of Apocalypse games:

Pearl Harbor, Triumph & Fall of the Desert Fox, and Morsecode…_


This is your chance to get the Empires of Apocalypse series complete and for UGG the only way to fulfill the request of several “EOA fan” customers.


As usual a print run gives different amounts of components. If one of them is out of the stock the game becomes sold out.

UGG has remnants of most Cold Days components. The others can be printed on UGG’s printing machine. This machine cannot print die cut counters or maps larger than DIN A 3.  Everything printed on this machine has a white edge.


So you can built your game by mounting your own counters and gluing maps.


The remnant components are not the best, just what we have left. Still all components work. There are no counters with cuts through the numbers for example.

This DTP Kit is not up to the usual standard of UGG’s games therefore it come with a special low price.

If you buy this DTP Kit you automatically accept the lower than usual quality and you agree automatically that you do not have a right to complain about components quality. 


The amount of available components is limited for about 50- 100 games at best. Those who order early have the best chance to receive a comparably good game with most regular components and less DTP.

Weitere Informationenauf unserer Webseite (www.ugg.de) in englisch:


Cold Days in Hell

Hersteller Udo Grebe Gamedesign

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