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Ariete: The Battle of Bir el Gubi, Libya (TCS)

Multiman Publishing
Multiman Publishing

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Ariete is a Tactical Combat Series (TCS) game covering the Italian Ariete Division’s defense of Bir el Gubi, Libya, on November 19, 1941.

The well-equipped yet inexperienced British 22nd Armoured Brigade saw an opportunity to season itself against a supposedly weak Italian formation. At full-strength with 162 brand-new Crusader tanks, the British were eager to emulate the easy victories against the Italian 10th Army the previous winter. What actually ensued was a swirling desert battle between evenly matched opponents.

Ariete covers this entire mobile action in turns representing 30 minutes each and a map scale of 150 meters per hex. Units range from sections to platoons. A minimal amount of special rules bring the Tactical Combat Series to North Africa, highlighting the unique tactical challenge of the desert environment.

• The Italian player must manage a mobile defense against stronger British armored units until reinforcements arrive in the form of the 132nd Tank Regiment. He must make good use of artillery and AT assets (especially truck-mounted 102mm guns) to bloody the Brits and set them up for an armored counterattack.

• The Commonwealth player must solve the problem of using an armor-only force to crack defensive positions held by a well-led combined-arms force. The desert environment, with swirling dust clouds and relatively long lines of sight, will not help him in this regard!

Ariete components:
• Tactical Combat Series version 4.01 rulebook
Ariete game-specific rulebook
• 12 Scenarios:

  • Destruction of the III/8 Bersaglieri, 2 turns
  • The Nearest Thing to a Cavalry Charge, 6 turns
  • The Attack on the 8th Bersaglieri, 6 turns
  • The Attack on Bir el Gubi (Prepared Defense), 6 turns
  • The Attack on Bir el Gubi (Early CW Arrival), 6 turns
  • Attack of the 2nd Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, 10 turns
  • Attack of the 4th County of London Yeomanry, 11 turns
  • The Ram Strikes, 6 turns
  • The Battle of Bir el Gubi (historical), 11 turns
  • The Battle of Bir el Gubi (Prepared Defense), 11 turns
  • The Battle of Bir el Gubi (Early CW Arrival), 12 turns
  • The Battle of Bir el Gubi (Free Deployment), 11 turns

• two Tactical Combat Series Charts & Tables
• one full-color 22" x 34" map
• 280 counters
• zip lock bag

Hersteller Multiman Publishing

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