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Stonewall Jackson's Way II Reprint (2021)

Multiman Publishing
Multiman Publishing

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This reprint will be (almost) identical to the previous printing, with three exceptions:

1. It will incorporate all known errata;

2. It will include the current Standard Rules (Version 1.4); and

3. The military units and leader counters have been re-done in the new style used in recent GCACW games such as Atlanta Is Ours.


Stonewall Jackson’s Way II: Battles of Bull Run is the 9th game in the award-winning Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (GCACW) series. This game is actually two complete modules in one: it includes a complete revision and augmentation of Stonewall Jackson's Way (SJW; the first game in the series), and an entire new module covering the First Bull Run Campaign, called All Green Alike (AGA).

The two maps included are newly painted by original map artist Charlie Kibler and include new historical and terrain details (to bring them up to the standards of the latest games in the GCACW series).

Stonewall Jackson’s Way II: Battles of Bull Run uses the same GCACW Standard Basic Game Rules that were first published in MMP's Skirmisher magazine and Grant Takes Command. The Advanced Game rule sets are also standardized so players will be able to move quickly from one campaign to the other.

All Green Alike includes four Basic Game and two Advanced Game scenarios. The Basic Game scenarios feature two Shenandoah Valley scenarios and two scenarios at Bull Run. The two Advanced Game campaigns cover the advance and aftermath of the campaign:

  • Across the Potomac (4 turns, July 2-5, 1861)
  • Johnston vs. Patterson (3 turns, July 17-19, 1861)
  • McDowell’s Opportunity (3 turns, July 19-21, 1861)
  • An End to Innocence (1 turn, July 21, 1861)
  • The Bull Run Campaign (13 turns, July 16-28, 1861)
  • The Virginia Campaign (14 turns, July 15-28, 1861)

    [The first and last scenarios require use of the Roads to Gettysburg II Here Come the Rebels west map (not included).]

Stonewall Jackson’s Way II: Battles of Bull Run includes two new Basic Game scenarios, the five original Basic Scenarios redesigned and rebalanced, and the two original Advanced Game campaigns also revamped for better play balance: 

  • Cedar Mountain (3 turns, August 8-10, 1862)
  • Lee vs Pope (2 turns, August 18-19, 1862)
  • Stuart’s Raid (3 turns, August 22-24, 1862)
  • From the Rappahannock to Bull Run (6 turns, August 25-30, 1862)
  • Jackson’s March (3 turns, August 26-28, 1862)
  • Bag the Whole Crowd (3 turns, August 28-30, 1862)
  • Which Way Did He Go? (3 turns, August 28-30, 1862)
  • From the Rapidan to the Rappahannock (8 turns, August 19-26, 1862)
  • From the Rapidan to Manassas (15 turns, August 19 – September 2, 1862)

Stonewall Jackson’s Way II: Battles of Bull Run contains:

  • GCACW Series Rules booklet (24 pages)
  • SJW II Specific Rules booklet (68 pages, including scenarios/designer notes)
  • two 22" x 32" full-color mapsheets
  • three Countersheets
  • Terrain Effects Chart
  • two full-color Force Displays
  • two 4-page color Charts and Tables
  • two 6-sided Dice

Stonewall Jackson’s Way II: Battles of Bull Run credits:

  • Design: Joe Balkoski, Ed Beach, Mike Belles, and Chris Withers
  • SJW Campaign Revision: Steve Sandy
  • Original series design: Joe Balkoski
  • Map Artwork: Charlie Kibler
  • Counter Graphics: Charlie Kibler and Nicolas Eskubi
Hersteller Multiman Publishing

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