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Napoleon 1807

Artikel 267 VON 446

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Napoléon 1807 uses the same game system as Napoléon 1806. It contains 13 scenarios allowing to simulate the three main battles of the Polish campaign, Pultusk, Eylau and Friedland.

After the defeats of Auerstaedt and Jean, Prussia collapsed but has not yet surrendered. Their Russian ally arrives from the East to defy Napoléon. The tough Polish campaign is beginning. Napoleon 1807 takes over the entire playing system of Napoleon 1806. Through 13 varied scenarios relive the confrontations between the Russians and the French in the heart of the winter of 1806-1807 in Poland. Three campaigns are proposed that retrace the terrible events that will lead to the famous battles of Pultusk, Eylau and Friedland. The last two scenarios will allow you to link Napoleon 1807 with the first game in the series, Napoleon 1806. Be careful, these two scenarios require you to own Napoleon 1806. A 4-page quick start booklet is also included in the box. It encourages a quick introduction to the game and is ideal for introducing new playful sensations to the youngest players.


  • 1 mounted game board 90 x 60 cm
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 scenarios booklet
  • 1 quickstart booklet
  • 3 player aids (orders of battle)
  • 2 player screens
  • 2 sets of 48 cards
  • 6 additional cards for Napoléon 1806
  • 2 sticker sheets (100)
  • More than 250 wooden pieces
  • 10 combat dice
  • 2 cloth bags

Number of Players



from 10 years old

Playing time

60-150 min






Nicolas Treil

Hersteller Shakos

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