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Rome at War: King of Kings

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Avalanche Press
Avalanche Press

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From the Euphrates to the Indus, the writ of the King of Kings stood supreme in the Sassanid Persian Empire. Enforcing this power was the Sassanid army, with its herds of war elephants and its awesome armored cavalry. For four hundred years the Sassanids battled first the Romans and then the Byzantines, until Arab armies fueled by the passion of Islam swept over both old foes.

King of Kings is a new book supplement for the Rome at War game series, using the same format as the many books we've published for the Panzer Grenadier or Great War at Sea series. It is not playable by itself; pieces and maps from Hannibal at Bay, Fading Legions and Queen of the Celts are required to enjoy all of its scenarios.

The centerpiece is the new operational system designed by David Murray. Players maneuver on the campaign map of Thrace. The Gothic player seeks to sack or capture Roman towns and cities and win battles; the Roman is out to prevent this. The Goths must forage for food, while remaining unsure whether the Huns and Alans will venture south of the Danube to help them. When one side intercepts the other, combat is resolved on the maps from Fading Legions.

But there are also new armies: Palmyra and Armenia fight both Persian and Roman enemies, and there are new units and leaders for Persia and Rome as well. There are also background articles and strategy discussions for all of these themes. With over a dozen new scenarios, this supplement starts Rome at War toward the same comprehensive look at ancient warfare that Panzer Grenadier is giving to World War II tactical combat.

Hersteller Avalanche Press

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