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Roads to Leningrad, 2nd Printing

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GMT Games
GMT Games

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2nd Edition Notes:

Although the game has only a few changes from the first edition, there are just enough key rules and tables adjustments to require second edition status. Additionally, there are a few counter-mix changes. Also:

  • The rules and Charts will be done in full color
  • The rules have been updated to incorporate all known errat and are compatible with the most updated version of GMT’s “Roads” game series
  • All charts and tables are compatible with the most updated version of GMT’s “Roads” game series

The Setting. During the summer of 1941, the forces of German Army Group North appeared to be advancing irresistibly toward Leningrad, the second-largest city in the Soviet Union, and the birthplace of the Communist revolution. But Leningrad was a long way from the German border, and the closer the Germans got to it, the more difficulties they encountered with terrain, their own lengthening supply lines, and stiffening Soviet resistance.

In mid-July at the small town of Soltsy, approximately 100 miles south of Leningrad near Lake Ilmen, a surprisingly strong Soviet force of about six divisions struck the German armored spearhead and pushed it back. Although briefly surrounded, the German 8th Panzer Division did not suffer the catastrophic losses claimed by the Soviets, but the attack did cause them to halt for three crucial weeks before resuming their drive on Leningrad.

In August the Soviets launched another counter-offensive, this time with ten divisions, against the German flank south of Staraya Russa, just as the German offensive against Leningrad was renewed. Against this the Germans diverted motorized forces and won, but it was a strategically barren victory far from the true objective. When the Germans did reach Leningrad, they lacked the strength to break into the city itself. In sum, the battles of Soltsy and Staraya Russa may well have saved Leningrad.

Four Scenarios

1. The Battle of Soltsy. Has ten turns, uses the full Soltsy map. By 13 July 1941 Manstein’s LVIMotorized Corps with 8th Panzer Division in the lead was pressing hard on the road on the Soviet left flank. Would it break through the forward defenses and defeat the Soviet reserve?

2. Counterblow at Soltsy. Has six turns, uses the full Soltsy map. By 15 July Manstein’s corps became strung out along the road through Soltsy and almost to Shimsk. Taking advantage of the lack of German flank protection, Soviet forces struck, heavily from the east but also from both the northern and southern flanks. For a moment 8th Panzer was surrounded. Can the Germans bail themselves out?

3. Battle of Staraya Russa. Has twenty-two turns, uses the full Staraya Russa map. By 13 August 1941 the German infantry around Staraya Russa found themselves almost in a backwater from the main offensive against Leningrad. So here the Soviets struck to divert attention from Leningrad. Can the Germans hang on until Manstein’s motorized troops arrive?

4. Manstein Attacks. Has seven turns, uses the full Staraya Russa map. German infantry around Staraya Russa did indeed hold firm and on 19 August Manstein’s motorized corps began its relief effort. Now it would be the Soviets who would have to avoid encirclement.


  • 528 full color 5/8” die-cut counters
  • One 22x34” full-color map, printed front and back
  • One 32 page Rule Booklet
  • One 24 page Play Booklet
  • Four Set Up Cards
  • One Player Aid Card, 11x17”
  • One ten-sided die

Half day per turn
1.2 miles per hex 

Battalions and Companies 


Game Design: Vance von Borries


Hersteller GMT Games

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