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GWaS: Bay of Bengal 2nd ed

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Avalanche Press
Avalanche Press

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For close to 200 years, the British Empire looked to India as its most valuable possession. In the late 1700’s India represented more than 20 percent of global economic output; looting the subcontinent funded Britain’s industrial revolution.

Defense of the vital Indian Ocean trade routes fell to the Royal Navy, which had made those waters British lake. Yet during the Great War German raiders made daring forays into the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea, successfully interdicting vital commerce and tying down Allied warships. 

Bay of Bengal is an expansion book for the Great War at Sea series that examines naval conflict arising in and around the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean, as the British attempt to defend their trade routes and ports. Thirty scenarios examine situations ranging from the adventures of the famous German raider Emden to pre-dreadnought era battles against rival colonial powers, and on to possible later conflicts with the Japanese feared by some members of the British government.

This supplement contains no pieces or maps, but requires ownership of Cruiser Warfare, Jutland, Rise of the Dragon, Zeppelins and U.S. Navy Plan Red  as well as the operational map from Second World War at Sea: Eastern Fleet to play the scenarios. 

Hersteller Avalanche Press

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