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Dubno '41

GMT Games
GMT Games

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The Fast Action Battles (FAB) series turns East.

The time is set for Operation Barbarossa and the largest tank battle of all time: more than 3,000 Soviet and nearly 700 German tanks and assault guns will clash in Soviet occupied Southern Poland. Known as the Battle of Brody-Dubno-Lutsk, that bloody triangle saw the direst straits of invading German forces in Barbarossa as they struggle for a week to repel the massive Soviet armored counterattacks to the flanks of the spearhead formed by Ewald Kleist's 1st Panzergruppe.

The German invasion force was aimed towards Kiev, and the Kiev Special Military District was the better armed and prepared of all Soviet Fronts stationed on the Western borders of the USSR, with a full array of Soviet Mechanized Corps, equipped with hundreds of the brand new KV and T-34 tanks.

As the German player in Dubno '41, you control two powerful German armies: the 6th and the 1st Panzergruppe. The Soviet player will control the Northern flank of the Southwestern Front—formed by the 5th and 6th all arms armies. Blocks are mostly divisions with some regiments/brigades and German Kampfgruppen.

In Dubno '41 (with a minimum of new rules), you will see the Soviet unpreparedness for war in June 1941 as they desperately struggled to defeat the German invaders. The Soviets had a huge amount of low-quality units with powerful but fragile armored forces against the Wehrmacht at its peak of quality and efficiency. This is not a one-sided battle, as some might think when considering the whole of Operation Barbarossa. The Soviets can accomplish their mission and defeat or at least stop the invaders.

The game includes assets for minor but powerful German units such as the elite 652nd Panzerjaeger battalion or the scarce panzer grenadier units fully equipped with armored carrier vehicles, Brandenburguers, anti-tank units, the famous 88 flak guns, and more. Events include Soviet extra-hard KV and T-34 tanks, flamethrower tanks, air attacks, Soviet mechanical breakdowns and political officers, and more…

Gameplay will pose German swiftness and tactical ability against Soviet mass and technological advantage. Oddly, not a single Stuka plane would arrive to help the German forces, as Army Group South was not equipped with that type of aircraft. The Soviet Air Force will fight one of its more desperate battles, adding considerable strength to Soviet ground attacks. As the German or Soviet commander, will you pierce the Soviet lines and breakout towards Kiev, or can you slow the German advance and counterattack, successfully defeating the invaders? Play Dubno '41 and find out!

Dubno '41 includes:

  • 73 wooden blocks.
  • One (1) sheet of die-cut labels for the blocks
  • One (1) sheet of 228 die-cut 9/6" counters
  • One (1) Combined Rule Book of Series Rules and Exclusive Rules
  • One (1) Dubno’41 Play Book
  • One (1) 22" x 34" Mapsheet
  • Two (2) Player-Aid Cards
  • Two (2) Setup Cards 
  • Four (4) 10-sided Dice

GAME DESIGNER: Francisco Ronco

Hersteller GMT Games

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