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Army of Lappland

Avalanche Press
Avalanche Press

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In June 1941, two German mountain divisions crossed the border from Finland, intent on capturing the port of Murmansk and sealing off the Soviet Union's lifeline to the West. After fierce fighting along the Litsa River, the offensive finally failed in the face of fierce resistance by the Red Army and Navy and workers’ militia units.

Army of Lappland covers both the 1941 and 1942 battles in front of Murmansk. The game system is the same as that used in Tiger of Malaya, and in our long out-of-print Blood on the Snow. Units are mostly battalions, with the maps covering the area along the coast of the Arctic Ocean from Kirkenes in Norway to Murmansk at a scale of 2.5 kilometers per hex.


  • 420 1/2-inch playing pieces
  • One map
Hersteller Avalanche Press
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