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The Charge of 3 Kings

Artikel 625 VON 848
NAC Wargames
NAC Wargames

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This game recreates the battle which was, forgive the boldness, certainly the most important of the Reconquest, and which had the character of a crusade promoted by the Archbishop of Toledo, Jiménez de Rada, and to which Christians came not only from all the peninsular kingdoms, but also brave soldiers from different parts of Europe came to this call.

The game represents the pitched battle that took place in the vicinity of Las Navas de Tolosa on Monday 16 July 1212, once the Christians had managed to cross the pass from the Sierra Morena to the upper valley of the Guadalquivir, after circumventing the Muslims who were blocking the passes thanks to an unguarded road, which a frontiersman in the area indicated to the Christian army. The game therefore begins with the deployment of both armies, facing each other, ready for the confrontation.

Hersteller NAC Wargames

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