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Napoleon Returns 1815

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Worthington Publishing
Worthington Publishing

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NAPOLEON RETURNS 1815 is our strategic level campaign game on Waterloo.  With fewer than 25 pieces on the board strategic movement creates tension and campaign choices for both players.  Further a limited number of movement points adds to the tough decisions for players. Once battle commences a unique twist on a classic battle card system comes into play.  The game is playable by 2 to 3 players with a playing time of about 90 minutes.  Several games can be played in an evening.  Great for Tournament play!

Wooden rectangles with labels are used for the Corps Maneuver Markers.  The Corps boards track corp strength and fatigue and the tracking markers are wooden cubes.   The Corps Unit Boards will be high quality cards with period art.  The Battle Cards will be top quality linen finish cards with large readable print.  

For those of you that remember the Avalon Hill Classics Napoleon and We the People, you will easily pick up some of the blended concepts and a nod to those classics.  The setting is a strategic map of the Waterloo campaign. The combat system uses cards based on corps strength and leader abilities.   Throw in gorgeous Napoleonic corps game pieces similar to Napoleon at Marengo that maneuver on a military style map and the setting is complete. Now add lots of new concepts centered on corps level deployment, movement and battle fatigue to the mix to provide a fresh Napoleonic gaming experience.

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