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Lanzerath Ridge

Dan Verssen Games
Dan Verssen Games

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Lanzerath Ridge is a solitaire wargame that takes places on the first day of the Battle of the Bulge, during the Second World War.  In the game, you take control of a small group of American soldiers. Under your command, the Americans must fend off the relentless attacks from German paratroopers and fusiliers. Your goal is to recreate the incredible historic accomplishment of the American soldiers by defending the town of Lanzerath, Belgium and delaying the advance of an entire SS Panzer Division. 


The American force that defended Lanzerath consisted of 18 men from an intelligence and reconnaissance platoon as well as 4 forward artillery observers. During a day-long confrontation, the Americans defended Lanzerath from about 500 German paratroopers and fusiliers. The Americans inflicted dozens of casualties and delayed the advance of Kampfgruppe Peiper, the spearhead of the German 1st SS Panzer Division. Every member of the defense was recognized for their valor, and the intelligence and reconnaissance platoon became the most decorated American unit of its size during World War II.

Valiant Defense:

Lanzerath Ridge is the next design in the Valiant Defense series, following the critically acclaimed Pavlov's House, Castle Itter, and Soldiers in Postmen's Uniforms. The Valiant Defense series allows you to play amazing stories of  courage, with small forces holding the line against unimaginable odds. Games in the series focus on the individual defenders and are deeply rooted in history, while providing a quick play experience with a light complexity ruleset.

Vital Info:

  •  The blend of easy to learn rules with rich historical accuracy makes this a perfect game for veterans and newcomers alike.
  • Plays in 60 - 75 minutes.
  • Solitaire play.
  • Extensive historical research.

Game Play:

Lanzerath Ridge is divided into four attack periods, each of which is represented by a deck of enemy cards. 

  • The first attack began at approximately 1030. This was the 9th Fallschirmjäger Regiment’s initial assault, which consisted of two platoons from the regiment’s 2nd Company charging straight up a hill at the American defenders.
  • The second attack began around 1100. This attack also consisted on a straight-forward charge up the hill, though limited efforts were made to attack the defenders’ flanks.
  • The third attack began around 1400. This attack was supported by extensive machine gun and mortar fire, but no efforts were made to flank the defenders.
  • The final attack began at dusk. The 9th Fallschirmjäger Regiment was joined by men from the 27th Fusilier Regiment. Together they launched coordinated attacks against the defenders’ right and left flanks, eventually penetrating the lines and capturing the Americans.

Each attack period is divided into a number of turns, and each turn consists of two phases:

  • In the Enemy Phase you resolve three enemy cards, which drive the enemy’s actions.
  • In the Defense Phase you perform five actions with the defenders.

The game ends immediately if the defenders’ morale drops to 0 or if a German attacker takes over an American defensive position. Otherwise, the game ends after the last attack. Your level of success is based on the Americans’ morale, intelligence gained during the defense, and any objectives you accomplish.

Lanzerath Ridge was created by David Thompson (game design) and Nils Johansson (art and graphic design).

Hersteller Dan Verssen Games

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