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Commands & Colors: Napoleonics Exp 1 Spanish Army, 3rd Printing

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GMT Games
GMT Games

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At the time of the Napoleonic Wars, Spain was only a shadow of its former power. Spanish troops and leaders, as many Napoleonic historians point out, performed badly on a large number of occasions. Yet there are a number of battles, Bailen, Tamames, Alcaniz and San Marcial where the Spaniards fought valiantly and gained victory. Ironically, the point most historians overlook is the fact that the Spanish armies constituted a threat that the French simply could not ignore. As good as Wellington’s Anglo-Portuguese field army was, that army faced multiple French armies. They could only defeat one French army at a time. The Spanish Armies and the accompanying guerrilla warfare against French troops tied down the remainder, allowing the Anglo-Portuguese army to ultimately emerge victorious.

In this expansion you will find 18 historical scenarios that focus on Peninsular battles fought by the Spanish army from 1808 to 1813, plus all the new units you’ll need to field for these engagements.

-One 2" spine box
-Scenario Booklet that features 18 historical scenarios plus Expansion rules.
-2 Spanish National Unit Reference Cards
- 95 Infantry blocks (71 Spanish - 24 French)
-73 Cavalry blocks (39 Spanish - 34 French)
-9 Artillery blocks (9 Spanish)
-4 Leader blocks (4 Spanish)
-3 Block Label sheets
-1 Terrain Tile Sheet - contains 15 double sided Terrain Tiles
-1 Square and Counter sheet
- 1 Spanish Infantry Square Track
-4 Spanish Square Counters
-9 Spanish Victory Banner counters (Spanish Flag one side, French Flag other side)
-6 Spanish Guerrilla Action tokens

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