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Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal 1942

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The Japanese Imperial Navy and Army exploded in a blitz across across the Pacific in December 1941 (which started with a crippling attack on the U.S. Fleet at Pearl Harbor), and by May of 1942 controlled all of Southeast Asia, the Pacific Rim, and everything in the Central Pacific west of Hawaii and Midway Island. It was an exquisite display of logistical planning and execution that shocked the western powers, and brought the United States into World War II. The only large land mass still held by the Allies in Asia or the Pacific when it was over was Australia, which they desperately needed as a staging area for an eventual U.S. led counter-attack.

The Japanese knew how important Australia was to the Allies, but they lacked the resources to conquer it; so Japan attempted to do the next best thing... isolate Australia from the United States by capturing Port Moresby in New Guinea and building an airfield on the island of Guadalcanal. Planes from both locations could disrupt the Allied supply lines, forcing the United States to postpone its counter attack indefinitely.

The United States recognized the threat the airfield on Guadalcanal posed, so as ill-prepared as the U.S. was for any offensive actions, immediately attacked Guadalcanal with the 1st Marine Division, under the command of Major General Alexander A. Vandegrift. The attack caught the Japanese by surprise, and the 1st Marine Division easily took control of the airfield. The Japanese 17th Army, under the command of Lt. Gen. Harukichi Hyakutake, and supported by the japanese Combined Fleet, counterattacked with an ever increasing number of troops over the next four months to take the island back. It was a desperate struggle took place in the air, and on land and on sea as the isolated U.S. forces fought to hold their tiny perimeter around the airfield against the might of the Japanese Empire.

Conflict of Heroes - Guadalcanal continues the award winning series with a new unique pacific battlefield to fight in and two new asymmetric nations to command! Take control of the fanatical Japanese or the resourceful Marines and lead your squads in the most important battles of the Guadalcanal campaign. Overwhelm the Marines with Banzai charges across rivers, lead challenging sea raids on Japanese supply dumps, launch ambushes out of the dark of night, and decimate your enemy with artillery in firefights that include:

  • The Battles of Alligator Creek
  • Bloody Ridge
  • The Battle of Henderson Field
  • And 9 more thrilling engagements

The Japanese offer new tactics to Conflict of Heroes. The game features a unique bushido system that the Japanese commander can use to compel his soldiers to perform heroic acts. Fail to follow the bushido code though and risk losing the confidence of your soldiers and your commanders.

The Marines defending Henderson Field on Guadalcanal must rely on their veteran Commanding Officers if they hope to survive the unrelenting assaults of the Japanese. Assign the new Capability Cards to specialized Marine troops, including the Raiders and Paramarines, and gain access to unique actions and abilities.

Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal uses the same easy to learn but hard to master streamlined tactical system as Awakening the Bear and Storms of Steal. Players will be challenged with hard tactical choices and a variety of interesting battlefield situations.

Game Components:

  • 4 large mounted geomorphic game maps that include beautifully rendered beaches, jungles, and ridges.
  • 1 sheet of 6 thick overlays that add rivers, villages, and hills to any map.
  • 175 - LARGE Counters: 1" die cut counters depicting Marine squads, Japanese snipers, tanks, anti-tank guns, mortars, MG's and many more!
  • 1 Firefight book with full historical overview and 12 firefights.
  • 1 Rulebook with prgrammed instruction that teaches the game in small easy to learn steps.
  • 55 Action Cards, 4 Track Sheets - one per game.
  • 2 Summary Sheets 1 Customized Plastic Storage Tray, 2 Dice.

Guadalcanal employs the same core rules as all other CoH games. It includes additional special rules for the American artillery fire, Japanese Banzai charges, night combat, and jungle movement.

Publisher Academy Games

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